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1 - I Will have written a letter -->. object+will/shall+have been+past.
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  • Then use the word “not”, in order to show the negativity of the.
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    This tense is also sometimes used to express the occurrence of one action in future before another action.

  • in the article below I am going to elaborate active and passive voice of present perfect tense.
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  • subject+will/shall+have+verb (3)+object.
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  • It gives a sense of completion of an action that will occur in the future.
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    Active and Passive Voice Interrogative Sentences Exercises with Answers - In this quiz, we will ask multiple choice questions about Active and Passive Voice in Interrogative Sentences.

  • Object + shall have / will have + been + verb [past participle] + by/to/with +subject.
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    Put the object from the active voice at the start of the passive voice sentence.

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